Buying & selling goods & services

For all businesses, regardless of their nature, resources or size, buying and selling goods and services represents the very essence of what they do. Spearing Waite's commercial lawyers have the expertise to advise you on the most suitable and cost effective solution for each of your commercial transactions.

Legally speaking, every commercial purchase or sale creates a contract. Accordingly the importance to businesses of having all its dealings documented in an accurate, complete and user-friendly manner simply cannot be overstated.

This is genuinely indispensable to the effective management of your legal and commercial risk. This is not to say that all contracts need to be lengthy, complex, time consuming or expensive to create – a simple and straightforward transaction can often be documented equally simply.

The Spearing Waite commercial team offers comprehensive experience, including:

  • Terms and conditions of purchase and supply
  • Bespoke contracts for the sale and purchase of goods
  • Finance and operating leases for plant and equipment
  • Contracts for consultancy and other specialist services
  • Tendering arrangements

We can advise on the right solutions to meet the demands of your business and ensure that all those important issues which are an essential part of your trading and business relationships are addressed in the correct way.  These may include:

  • Ordering and forecasting procedures
  • Delivery, lead times and remedies for late delivery
  • Passing of title and risk to goods
  • Pricing and price reviews
  • Invoicing and payment procedures
  • Quality control, specifications and KPIs
  • Service level agreements
  • Liability for defective goods or performance

Whatever your business and whatever your size, we have the experience and know-how to ensure that your contractual arrangements are right for your business.

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Agency franchising & distribution

The Spearing Waite commercial team has a wealth of experience of guiding clients successfully through the process of domestic and international growth and advising on the most effective franchising & distribution structures to achieve this objective.

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Manufacturers need to ensure that they are equipped to maximise competitive advantage. Spearing Waite can help you ensure that your contracting arrangements and supporting documentation are robust and fit for purpose

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Data protection & confidentiality

Data protection is a hot topic for all businesses with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018. Spearing Waite can steer you through the minefield.

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Advertising & sales promotion

Spearing Waite's commercial lawyers advise manufacturers and retailers on all areas of advertising and sales promotion.

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Competition law

The commercial lawyers at Spearing Waite have the expertise to help you ensure that you stay on the right side of competition law. You can rely on our knowledge and support.

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Sports & sponsorship law

Spearing Waite's commercial team contains individuals with proven expertise in many areas of the world of sport. You can put your faith in the technical and sector knowledge of our people.

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Computing & IT

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Financial services

Spearing Waite's commercial lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help you to ensure that your business remains compliant, whilst meeting your commercial needs.

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Procurement contracts

Whether you need advice on terms of supply, transportation and logistics, or regulatory considerations such as EU Procurement Rules, Spearing Waite can provide you with the practical and commercially robust support that you need.

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Outsourcing allows organisations to concentrate on their core strengths and focus on their real business, and can be a highly effective means of creating efficiencies and driving profitability through cost savings. It also enables investment to be focused on key functions.

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Research & development

Spearing Waite can provide you with the right legal advice at the outset and ensure that your collaborative R&D relationships with co-developers, licensors and licensees and other outside bodies are properly documented using comprehensive and properly drafted contract documents.

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