Thursday 27 June 2013 saw the annual instalment of the eagerly anticipated Spearing Waite LLP rounders tournament, “Caught Out”, this year in aid of Rainbows.

With last years’ competition being cancelled due to the sweltering heat of the British Summer creating unsafe playing conditions (it was either that or heavy rain, we can’t remember), all participants were keen to get out on the baize-like surface of the Grace Road pitch and make up for lost time.

Even though the weather gods were against us for the second year running, by blessing us with relentless waves of persistent drizzle, the event was remarkably well attended with eleven teams of ten slogging it out to raise money for Rainbows, the hospice for children and young people.

Early on it was obvious to the spectators (who spent the afternoon sheltering from the rain by propping up the bar and loitering by the bbq) that some teams were clearly taking it more seriously than others. Some had almost definitely taken part in intensive training regimes, rather than the usual charity sports preparation of “volunteering” those in the office who were fit enough to run more than 20 metres and organising matching t-shirts.

The format of the afternoon was that each team would play two group games, with five points being awarded for a win, three points for a draw and one point for a loss. The top four teams would then play out semi-finals and a final and the bottom two teams would battle for the honour of the wooden spoon. In the event of a tie after the group games, the number of rounders scored would come into play.

The passionate, and sometimes noisy, spectators were treated to some high quality rounders throughout the afternoon/evening, with Imperial Corporate Events Limited setting the early target in terms of rounders scored. However, the spectators were also treated to a comedy of errors. These included dropped catches, players losing footing when changing direction, balls rolling through legs (TWICE with one player but we won’t mention any names) and some bats actually travelling further than the ball.

Unfortunately, due to the playing conditions and bad light, it was impossible to complete the tournament as planned but, rather than disappoint the crowd with a Duckworth-Lewis calculation, an executive decision was made to drop the semi-finals and wooden spoon match and go straight into a final. This was probably for the best as Spearing Waite LLP’s team were dangerously close to coming in last!

A hotly contested “winner takes all” game was played out in good spirits between Imperial Corporate Events Limited and LSP Developments Limited, with Imperial racing to victory, despite their sodden clothing. Westerby Investment Management Limited took the trophy for third place based on their group game performances.

We would like to say a special thank you to Leicestershire County Cricket Club for hosting and sponsoring the event, Glenway Products Limited for sponsoring all of the medals and trophies, to the match day umpires who battled against the conditions to ensure their adherence to the rules would not be affected by the onset of Chilblaines, and to all the participating teams for helping to raise money for such a worthy cause.  Just under £2,000 was raised from the event.

A big thank you must also go to all of the participating teams for helping to raise money for such a worthy cause, those being:

Fashion UK
Imperial Corporate Events Limited
Leicestershire County Cricket Club
LSP Developments Limited
PricewaterhouseCoopers/GHC Capital Markets
RG&P Limited
Spearing Waite LLP
Westerby Trustee Services Limited

We hope to see you all again next year!! (And don’t forget your sun cream)

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