On 19 April 2018 the City Slickers annual quiz took place at the Parcel Yard and was kindly sponsored by Handelsbanken.

Once again, Spearing Waite’s own Gary Pitt took the reins as quiz master (rumours that he has had this put into his contract are strongly denied).

This year’s quiz saw rounds from News and Current affairs to, Music, Sport and Film.  Particular praise must go to Richard Dziewulski of GHC Capital Markets, who lead his team to score an impressive 15/15 on arts and literature.

Watch out Will Gompertz.

The winning team

The quiz was ultimately won by Mandy Kaur and Abigail Gomersall of Cambridge & Counties Bank, Martin Andrews of GHC Capital Markets, Andy Cowpethwaite of Newby Castleman, Ed Hamblin of Mazars and Hannah Tessyman of Spearing Waite.

This (suspiciously) marks the third victory in a row for Mr Hamblin, who was excited tell the assembled masses that he would use the Highcross voucher prize to purchase new underpants. The fact he lived with the quiz master for two years is entirely coincidental.

Once again, thanks go to Handelsbanken for their generous sponsorship of the event, as well as to the Steamin’ Billy’s Parcel Yard for their assistance on the evening and all of the attendees for their continual support.

City Slickers will be back shortly.  Watch this space!


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